Meet Dr. Angie Frank

Inspired to Serve Others

Growing up, Dr. Angie knew that she wanted to have a career that allowed her to help people and make a difference in their lives. “I felt that health care was a perfect fit for my personal career goals but wasn’t exactly sure which type of health care would make me the most happy and allow me to help the most people.”

Meanwhile, she had been seeing a chiropractor throughout high school due to a back injury sustained while playing soccer. She continued to get adjusted throughout college to keep her body functioning optimally to allow her to play golf at the collegiate level. The chiropractor she was seeing invited her to job shadow to get an idea if chiropractic could be that perfect fit she was looking to find. After observing the chiropractic philosophy, procedures and patient climate she knew it was the career path she wanted to pursue.

Patient after patient came into the office grateful for the healing powers of gentle chiropractic care. Many of them told her how thankful they were to have found chiropractic and how it had changed their lives for the better. She found the health profession where not only were patients excited and grateful to be there but the doctor truly loved what he was doing.

Compassionate about Family Wellness

Dr. Angie completed her undergraduate studies at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona MN before moving to the Twin Cities to attend Northwestern Health Sciences University. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2011. While there, she interned at a clinic that specialized in prenatal and pediatric care. Observing the transformation of the health and well being of expecting moms and children intensified, Dr. Angie’s passion in taking care of families. Since getting her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, she has continued her education and is currently a certified Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Angie is also certified in the Webster Technique by the ICPA and certified in Nutrition by the state of Wisconsin.

Our practice is dedicated to caring for and providing amazing results for a variety of pediatric and family conditions – colic/reflux, sleeping issues, difficulty nursing, ear infections, chronic immune challenges, constipation, bed-wetting, ADHD, allergies, sports injuries and so much more.

Many families first come to me for a particular health issue but what I am most proud of is that a majority of these families continue to see me on a regular basis for family wellness care – focused simply on staying healthy for life!”

Passion For Life

Outside of the office Dr. Angie spends quality time with her husband Jeff, two sons, Christian and Bennett and their adorable poodle Louie. As a family, they are active outdoors, hiking, biking, basketball, baseball, golf, football, and swimming. Dr. Angie also loves to travel and experience all that life has to offer. She hopes her boys will have a similar passion as they continue to grow.

Dr. Angie is a firm believer of practicing what she preaches. She puts her family and her health as top priority. Weekly chiropractic adjustments are a must for the whole family. Dr. Angie enjoys intense full body workouts as well as setting up opportunities for her boys to be physically active daily. Eating healthy food to fuel their bodies, plenty of activity and sleep are all part of their healthy lifestyle.

Friends and family comment on how lucky she is that her family is so healthy but she knows it’s due to their health beliefs and practices, not “luck.” You will never regret giving your family the gift of health.

Dr. Angie would like to thank you for taking the time to explore our site and learn more about us.

We hope that you can see how passionate we are about helping you and your family. If you are asking yourself, “I wonder if chiropractic can help me and my family?”, please contact us for additional conversation around chiropractic care.

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