Massage Therapy

Meet Lisa Balzer

Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Lisa Balzer and I am a nationally board-certified licensed massage therapist & intuitive healer as well as a licensed private detective with an Associates in Criminal Justice degree. I have been in massage private practice for 10 years, performed over 8,500 sessions, and graduated from Body Therapy Institute out of Siler City, North Carolina. Body Therapy Institute, 1983 – 2016, was nationally known for educating and training exceptional massage therapist with a curriculum focusing on Pathology, Physiology, and Anatomy, and the roles of each area in therapeutic massage. I passed the Mblex with an above average score, which is used by only 44 states that license massage therapist in the country. I have been licensed in Iowa, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minnesota.

My specialty is dealing with Chronic pain, trauma, sports related issues, anxiety related issues, and the somatic (mind & spirit) connection to pathologies in the soft tissue of the body. I am also trauma informed and have worked with a multitude of clients ranging from professional athletes to people in the medical field, emergency services, first responders, teachers, stylists, laborers to those who deal with diagnosis focusing on myalgia (pain) to anxiety and PTSD related disorders.

A Variety of Approaches

I work with a variety of tools and modalities that include the following: cupping, sound therapy, tuning forks, hot stones, aromatherapy, acupressure, myofascial, Swedish, sports massage, kinetic massage, reflexology, trigger point, Reiki, shamanic energy, and craniosacral. In addition to my licensed credentials and education, I have verifiable psychic medium abilities that allow me to approach each session and person with a unique individualized session plan, with a high level of accuracy.

I do not fix people; you are not a car, and I am not a mechanic but together we can change anything.

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