Cannot Believe the Difference I See After Every Adjustment

“I had my beautiful baby girl November 23rd, 2022. Unfortunately she is a baby that developed colic. I had no idea what to do after a few weeks in and I was losing my mind with the constant crying. I was talking to one of my friends one day about it and she recommended me to Dr. Angie. At first I was hesitant and thought, “chiropractic care on a newborn?!” I went on her Facebook page and read her reviews and then onto her website to read more about her pediatric care. I made the call to make an appointment for my newborn and they got me in as soon as the next day!

When we went to the first appointment Dr. Angie thoroughly explained how the adjustments work on newborns and how gentle they are. She greatly reassured me that my newborn would be in the best care and how much these adjustments would help my little girl. I have been taking my daughter there for adjustments for about a month now and cannot believe the difference I see after every adjustment!

Dr. Angie is an absolute miracle worker and I have no idea where I would be if I had never heard about her! She has greatly helped my daughter out. Also not to mention that when she is doing the adjustment I don’t even notice she’s doing it with how gentle it is! It looks like she’s just holding and admiring my sweet little girl when she’s actually giving her the adjustment the whole time! I highly recommend Dr. Angie!”

I Just Genuinely Believe in Her Practice

“Just wanted to share Dr Angie’s magic with Evelyn. Evelyn was leaning her head to one side, only falling asleep on one side, and only rolling over to one side.

I took her in to LiveWell Chiropractic & Wellness and she was pretty locked up on one side of her neck. Dr Angie worked her magic and just like that! She was all better! Not only was she no longer leaning to one side, she started rolling the other way too, I couldn’t believe it. Besides her symptoms resolving almost immediately, she also pooped consistently after her visit and she slept! She slept the best she had her whole life and I couldn’t believe that’s all it took and I feel like I’ve been keeping her from her full potential this whole time.

I wasn’t asked to make a post, I just genuinely believe in her practice. I went weekly during my pregnancy for back pain, but it hits differently when it’s your own baby.”

She Remembers the Important Things

“I have been seeing Dr Angie since 2012! I suffered from horrible migraines that started in 2016! I can happily say that with the upkeep of all my chiropractic visits, I have been off my migraine medication for 4, going on 5 years!!! Plus, it’s always a day maker when you come to the office! Gotta love seeing Sarah’s face when you first walk in and then of course, ANGIE! She remembers the important things and that’s what I love about LiveWell. They make it so personable, you’re not just a patient, you’re family!”

Impressed By the Entire Practice

“I absolutely love seeing Dr. Angie for my chiropractic needs. She listens and has a caring touch. I am incredibly impressed by the entire practice – the staff, office, and environment are all so welcoming. After years of back pain from pregnancies, caring for busy kids, and not taking care of my own health I was beginning to feel discouraged with my body. I can honestly say I feel the best and have the most movement that I’ve had in years after seeing Dr. Angie consistently for one month.

It brings me to tears as I write this, because I can finally get on the floor and play with my kids and workout again without pain or feeling nervous about hurting my back. It’s amazing what happens when you put your health first and see the right doctor! I would highly recommend Dr. Angie to anyone!”